June Newsletter 2013


Cabin Fever & Committee Meetings

As the beautiful weather lures us outside for lunch, the shining sun and chirping birds are another reminder to gear up for summer programming. SYEP is just around the corner and the DC Free Summer Meals Program is prepping for another large turnout of hungry youth. While the warm weather may start giving some of us cabin fever, as many of our members know, summer is no time to slow down.


Committee Meetings

                Youth Workforce Development

                Friday, June 7 @ 10AM-12PM; DCAYA Office, 1012 14th St, Suite 610

Discussing planning for planning for SYEP, re-capping budget season, talking about what’s going on with the Committee on Education and going over some of the preliminary findings from this spring's youth survey. The meeting is open to anyone offering SYEP this summer.


                Youth Homelessness

                Wednesday, June 26 @ 3PM-4PM; Covenant House, 001 Mississippi Avenue, SE

Providing opportunity for direct service staff, outreach teams, new hires and new organizations with the chance to connect, network and begin to develop the Committee's goals and objectives for the year to come.              


       Expanded Learning

       Tuesday, July 2 @ 10:00AM - 11:30AM; DCAYA Office, 1012 14th St, Suite 610

    From here on out Expanded Learning Committee Meetings will be on the first Tuesday of every month. 

Please remember to register so we can plan our meetings accordingly.

SYEP Public Oversight Roundtable

                Monday, June 10 @ 11AM; Wilson Building – Room 500

Councilmember Barry’s office announced a roundtable on SYEP outreach for the 2013 program. If you would like to testify please email Garret King by Friday, June 7.


Community Convening

                Wednesday, June 26 @ 10AM – 12PM; Calvary Baptist Church, 755 8th St NW

The convening  will feature staff from the Office on Human Rights and members of the Mayors Anti-Bullying Taskforce who will be sharing information on the recently passed anti-bullying legislation and what it means for CBOs.


Expanded Learning Survey


If you are an Expanded Learning (formerly known a “Out-of-School Time”) member please take the time to take our short survey “What’s the Landscape in DC.”


Target Area Evening Outreach


Evening outreach events will be held twice weekly in each of our ten target areas—neighborhoods with a high overlapping incidence of various social risk factors—and the shelter at DC General Hospital. We are asking community partners to do four (4) outreach nights over the course of the summer. A limited number of mini-grants are available to help support the work, if needed. For more information, contact the One City Summer Initiative Coordinator, Rebecca Renard, at rrenard@cyitc.org.


Do More 24

                Thursday, June 6 @ 12:01AM – 11:59PM

DCAYA is participating in the Do More 24™ on-line fundraising campaign. If we reach our goal of $5,000 on June 6th, Horning Family Fund will match us with an additional $5,000. We are excited to see many of our members participating in the campaign as well, as we compete for good! For those looking to contribute, you can visit our Do More 24 DCAYA page.


Summer Experiences Blog Series

                Month of June

Perhaps the warm weather has also blown-in nostalgic memories for the DCAYA staff, so we are doing a "Why I Care About Quality Summer Programs" blog series. In the series, staff will share their personal summer experiences and how they relate to DC policy. 


Councilmember Catania has introduced seven new bills in the Council focusing on education reform. The bills deal with a range of topics and issues which we have summarized here

For a full analysis and next steps for advocacy and feedback please contact the DCAYA policy team. Copies of all of the legislation are available on the Council's website and the reasoning behind them is available on Councilmember Catania's website.


Committee on Education Introduces New Reform Bills

In D.C., one and eight households struggle with hunger. During the summer months, when children no longer have access to free or reduced school meals, families are left financially strained to feed their children.  D.C. Hunger Solutions works to lesson this strain by organizing the D.C. Free Summer Meals Program, which fills the gap for low-income children under eighteen by providing healthy meals and snacks when school is out for the summer.

Through the D.C. Free Summer Meals Program, ranked #1 in the nation for best summer food program, thousands of children are fed at Parks and Recreation locations. The program is largely successful because D.C. Hunger Solutions engages a diverse set of stakeholders – city and federal government agencies, community-based and faith-based organizations, businesses, students and families– to raise awareness about the importance of summer meals.

“The neighborhood is struggling and many of the kids who come in are kids on their own who don’t have much else to do during the day. They need this meal” said a staff member at Capital View LibraryD.C..  Hunger Solutions proves through combined efforts, progress is possible. Each summer a child is fed, a child whose belly would have gone empty without the work of organizations like D.C. Hunger Solutions.

Click HERE if your organization would like to partner with D.C. Hunger Solutions to make sure children and teens know where to locate free meals.

D.C. Hunger Solutions
Summer Stats

Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Child Learning

Study on how summer learning programs for low income youth can improve academic outcomes and reduce the summer slide.

Vulnerable Youth: Employment and Job Training Programs

National study on the concern of youth under the age of 25 not having the skills needed to enter meaningful employment.

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation: Summer Nutrition Status Report 2012

2012 statistics by state on how budget cuts have affected summer nutrition programs and the need for low income students to receive healthy meals during the summer months.